What is Homeshare?

Homeshare brings together Isle of Man residents who have spare rooms in their homes with local professionals who are willing to provide friendship and companionship and who are happy to help out around the home in return for affordable, sociable accommodation.

Together, Householders and Homesharers share home life, time, skills and experiences.

Island Home Share carefully vet, match and oversee each unique Homeshare arrangement.

A Householder and a Homesharer working on a jigsaw together.
Home Sweet Home

During the initial matching period, an Island Home Share co-ordinator will assess the needs and abilities of both parties and discuss the type of help which the Homesharer will give. These will be unique for each individual match. For example, help may be given with things like shopping, cooking, gardening etc.

Homeshare is not a personal care service and personal care is never given by the Homesharer.

Householders provide free accommodation in their home to the Homesharer in exchange for their time and help. Both parties pay a small monthly fee to Island Home Share to facilitate and support the Homeshare arrangement.

Homeshare is successful all over the world, with schemes running in the UK, Ireland, Europe and further afield.