Who are Householders?

Isle of Man Householders may need some support in order to remain living independently or may have become isolated or anxious about living alone.

With the reassurance and companionship that Homeshare can bring to them and their families, local Householders will continue to live full, happy and healthy lives and will also be able to pass on their skills and experience to enrich the lives of those who share with them.

Householders will live in a property which has a spare room that they can offer to a local professional Homesharer in exchange for friendship, companionship and a few hours of practical help each week. The Homesharer will be entitled to use some of the facilities of the property (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, living room etc).

Photo of a male Householder sat on his sofa.
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The Householder will be aware of the fact that the Homesharer is not a professional carer and that no personal/intimate care can be given.

Householders may come from a variety of different backgrounds and will have undergone a vetting process which includes basic DBS checks.

Householders will be carefully matched with Homesharers who have common interests so that genuine friendships can develop.